Five architecture software every architect should know

One of the most important things you should consider as an architect is the selection of the appropriate software that can be used in the drawing of structures, the design of structures and implement other such pertinent architectural functions. There are several software solutions that can be applied with one being Revit. Revit is an integrated software solution that is used for various functions including 2D and 3D drawing. In addition to that, Revit can also be used for image rendering functions making it ideal architectural software.

In addition to Revit, another software that can be useful to you as an architect is 3D Studio Max. The Studio Max is preferred on account of its enhanced modeling capabilities and overall flexibility.

AutoCAD is one of the oldest architectural software in the market. AutoCAD is most suitable due to the fact that it most compatible with other software that already exists within the market.

In addition to drawing and image rendering, as an architect, you will also need image manipulation software. Photoshop is one of the most effective image manipulation software that you can use to attain most basic and even advanced image manipulation needs.

The fifth and final software that you must know as an architect is Sketch Up. Sketch Up is one of the best software for new users and what makes this software ideal is the fact that it is a freeware meaning that you can obtain it for free by simply downloading it from the internet.

6 tips for starting architects

Getting off your career as an architect can be a daunting task but this article will give you six tips for starting off a career as an architect. The first tip is to make yourself an indispensable component of your organization. The best approach to attaining this objective is to find a niche area and specialize in it thus ensuring that you are the best in this area. Continue reading


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